Universal Moral Constructs

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God Father

God Father

Author: CEZJAH
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One God Father

Citizen Kain, an enigmatic and eclectic figure, embarks on a groundbreaking quest to forge a comprehensive string theory integrating ethics and emotions. Challenging the
greatest minds in philosophy, psychology, and social science, Kain endeavours to define the objective, universal principles governing the good life, the pursuit of happiness, and the making of a new morality.

Twelve Disciples
Under Kain's guidance, a group of artists and academics, each genius in their field, embark on a mission. They aim to cultivate an army of sovereign individuals, characterized by mastery over their minds and actions, and emancipation from societal and governmental coercion. These sovereigns have harmonized their natural inclinations with their powers of reasoning. Together, they pioneered a new concept of Valuable Intelligence, redefining the benchmarks of success.

One Nemesis
Father Abel, a devout Catholic priest, emerges as a formidable intellectual adversary. The conflict between Kain and Abel extends from the pulpit to the pen, as they vie for the hearts and minds of their community. The stakes are high, encompassing fundamental values and beliefs about love, marriage, family, human rights, equality, and emotions. While Father Abel adheres to a traditional, dogmatic interpretation of scripture, Kain proposes a more radical viewpoint, inspired by the polyamorous practices of the wealthy and powerful kings of the Old Testament.

Season 1, Episode 1 of "The God Father"
Akiko (AK) Shishido proposes using Blockchain technology to issue Marriage Certificates and Domestic Agreements. She offers a visionary approach to redefining marriage and domestic partnerships, advocating for liberation from traditional, government-regulated frameworks. This episode explores the transformative role of blockchain in creating private, equitable, and transparent relationship contracts, emphasizing its significance in offering an alternative to familial pressures such as arranged marriages and in ensuring personal freedom by bypassing government-mandated asset division and alimony in divorce scenarios.

'The Godfather' is more than just a novel; it's an intellectual odyssey that challenges readers to critically examine the values, beliefs, and obligations inherited from their social, ancestral, and genetic backgrounds. This book takes you on an expedition to discover what truly constitutes the good life and the essence of genuine happiness. Join Kain and his disciples as they challenge established norms and develop groundbreaking theories, offering you a unique opportunity to redefine your perception of morality and fulfilment.


Become a Sovereign | Become a Mentor

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Tags: buynow, FictionBook
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Chapter 1: Testing Revolutionizing Business Partnerships: Unveiling the Power of Fairness, Transparency, and Dynamic Ownership

In this chapter, Citizen Kain engages in a light-hearted exchange with Yasmina about a surprise awaiting him during her trip to New York. Meanwhile, he revels in the luxury and power of his Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible, a symbol of his wealth and taste. The narrative then transitions to a vibrant evening at the SIXTY-NINE gentleman's club in Miami, where Kain enjoys the exclusive ambience and the company of women from across the globe. The night is filled with intellectual conversations that veer into more risqué territory, highlighting Kain's adventurous spirit and penchant for the extraordinary.
The evening takes an unexpected turn when Kain invites two women, Naomi and Caitlyn, for a private encounter at his mansion. Their night is marked by sensual explorations and passionate connections, showcasing Kain's desire for thrilling experiences. However, this moment of indulgence is abruptly interrupted by Yasmina's early return. Shocked by the scene before her, Yasmina's discovery of the ongoing affair leads to a dramatic confrontation. Armed with a Colt Walker revolver and her samurai skills, she exacts a violent retribution on Naomi and Caitlyn, unleashing chaos and bloodshed in a visceral display of betrayal and vengeance.
The chapter concludes on a sombre note as Kain reflects on the consequences of his actions amidst a surreal nightmare. As he grapples with the haunting question of "Who Killed Ithiki?" and the promises left unfulfilled, Kain's life comes to a tragic end under Yasmina's hand. This moment of finality is a poignant reminder of the impact of choices and the elusive nature of redemption. The narrative leaves readers with a profound sense of loss and the unresolved mysteries that define Kain's existence, underscoring the complex interplay of love, betrayal, and retribution that weaves through their lives.

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Chapter 2: The Financial Symphony: Unravelling the Intricacies of Investments, Assets, and Equity in a corporation

In this chapter, the dialogue between Ashlie and Kunle sets the stage for an unconventional pairing, with Ashlie expressing her desire to be a "pillow princess" and Kunle revealing his expectations as a "wallet prince." This humorous yet candid exchange encapsulates their mutual understanding and acceptance of each other's specific relational desires. The narrative then transitions to a serene scene on Miami Beach, where the protagonist encounters a curious young boy. This innocent interaction becomes profound as the boy inquires about the mysterious Ithiki, leading to a promise of future investigation and the nurturing of the boy's quest for truth.
The protagonist's contemplation on the beach prompts a deeper reflection on the complexities of human relationships, particularly the choice between monogamy and polyamory. This introspection is fueled by encounters with a group of men frustrated by their romantic endeavours despite their professional success. Among them, Kunle, the architect with a passion for sustainability and martial arts; Ashish, the brilliant mathematician; René, the philosopher challenging traditional ethics; and Ricardo, the computer scientist, each bring their unique perspectives and frustrations into the conversation. The protagonist offers guidance, suggesting a shift towards understanding and navigating the intricate dance of love and connection.
As the chapter unfolds, the protagonist delves into historical contemplations about the origins of monogamy and its societal implications, juxtaposing these thoughts with the men's contemporary frustrations. This exploration raises questions about the balance between personal desires and societal expectations, urging a reevaluation of what it means to find fulfilment in relationships. The chapter closes on a note of anticipation, with the protagonist poised to lead these men on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment in the realm of romantic connections, symbolically transforming them from fishermen to "fishers of women." This narrative arc invites readers to ponder the evolving nature of love, commitment, and the pursuit of happiness in human connections.

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In this chapter, Citizen Kain makes a grand entrance into Zukoya, a sanctuary of culinary excellence and opulence, where a gathering of distinguished guests eagerly awaits his arrival. As Kain joins the table, the atmosphere brims with anticipation, each guest prepared to engage with a man renowned for his wisdom and guidance. The conversations that ensue are a testament to the diverse and remarkable backgrounds of those present, including Dr. Zoe Campbell, an affective neuroscientist; Emily Sullivan, a comedian who traded law for laughter; Aaliyah Wilson, a classically trained violinist with a modern twist; Suriya Chaudhary, a self-made billionairess; Ava Delacroix, an exotic dancer defying stigma with confidence; Dr. Ethan Fox, a psychiatrist known for his empathy; Malik Johnson, a man of jovial spirit despite his struggles; and Akiko Shishido, a family law attorney dedicated to compassion in her practice.
The evening's discourse ventures into the complexities of human relationships, societal norms, and personal freedoms. René challenges traditional conceptions of marriage, advocating for polyamory and questioning the naturalness of monogamy, sparking a range of reactions from the guests. Kunle, with his humour and insight, questions the necessity of clothing in human society, provoking laughter and contemplation about the peculiarities of human modesty and the natural world's simplicity. This lively exchange underscores the guests' willingness to explore and debate ideas, revealing their open-mindedness and the depth of their intellectual curiosity.
As the conversation unfolds, personal stories and philosophical musings intermingle, creating a rich tapestry of human experience and perspective. The guests, through their interactions with Citizen Kain, navigate topics that touch upon the essence of what it means to live fully and authentically. Their dialogue, punctuated by moments of humour, introspection, and revelation, illustrates the transformative power of shared meals and conversations in forging connections and fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and others. In the realm of Zukoya, under Kain's enigmatic presence, the evening transcends mere dining, evolving into an unforgettable encounter where every sense is engaged, and every moment savoured, encapsulating the chapter's essence of discovery, camaraderie, and the celebration of life's complexities.

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